Fitness Center

  •  Swimming - One of the popular sport at Scholar’s Pride which students enjoyed during summer season.
  •  Yoga - Yoga helps students to nurture a strong character and well balanced development.
  •  Games and Sport - A healthy body peeps a healthy mind. Among provisions for the development of the body, Scholar’s Pride has good sports infrastructure. Inter-Class and Inter-House competitions for various games are held and the sports culture helps in building character, stamina and team spirit.

Computer Lab

Today’s world is the world of science and technological. For this it is very essential for the child to have knowledge of computers. Therefore, at Scholar's we have a computer lab with internet facilities and a qualified team of teachers. So that our children have the knowledge of computer and grow with a keen understanding of technology.


"A library is thought in cold storage". The School library fosters the development of life – long learning abilities and love of reading in its students. Therefore A wide range of books and CDs on a variety of subjects in the form of well furnished library has set – up in school for students.