Scholar’s believe that the objective of art and science is to kindly the passion for creative thinking in young minds. Therefore, during the year our children take part in plenty of inter and intra art and science activities.

Environment Protection

Concern for the environment our children take pledge to grow more trees in their surrounding. For this our students did various programmes like ‘’ Anti Cracker Compaign” “Grow more trees and save our planet” “Tree Plantation” programme that all helped to enhance the Sensitivity of the students towards Mother Earth.


True joy and happiness is what humanity seeks and that is what celebrations are all about. All festivals either Religious, National or other are celebrated in the School. There celebrations provide invaluable insights into responsibility Sharing, team work and event management.

Other Events

When we talk about the all round development of the Child we mean mental, physical, emotional, cultural, social, as well as spiritual development. For all there development of a child we organize overnight camps at school, adventure activities so that child overcome their fears and gain confidence and independence.