From The Director's Desk

For a nation to prosper its citizens should be well balanced individuals who are strong physically, sound mentally and are willing to shoulder the responsibilities with a positive outlook, strong sense of social justice, tolerance & harmony. We want our future citizens to be virtuous, competent & challenging having sense of responsibility towards society and country also.

As purpose of education is to enable students to evolve into balanced, independent, moral citizens who are able to sustain themselves in the changing environment. We at scholars pride provide a challenging and supporting environment to focus on holistic education of students including all physical ,environmental and spiritual aspects. And we want to thank you all for entrusting your wards future in our able hands. As

“ A journey well begin is half won ”


Message from The Principal

Caring,supporting and disciplined teachers and parents make the future of child as whatever is taught to them in this age leaves a lifelong impression on their tender minds. Lifestyles, food, and everything around us is changing globally and randomly we say that the world is shrinking (due to development of technology every information travels quickly) .Things are changing at such a pace that even before we have adjusted and modified ourselves to a change, we find that it has become old and we find a new one in place of it. In such circumstances process of education also needs to be redefined. As we should not make education as a mere acquisition of information & facts but it should provide us with knowledge that helps us to make lifelong learners & problem solvers who can decide what should be done from what can be done on the path of self exploration & development to sustain the challenges of life. That also in such a way that solution for a problem does not lead to creating another problem in future.