Welcome to Scholar's Pride Family

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop well rounded, confident and responsible individuals who aspire to achieve their full potential. We will do this by providing a welcoming, happy, safe, and supportive learning environment in which everyone is equal and all achievements are celebrated.

Main Objectives of the School

  • ▸To inculcate sports culture and infrastructure for sports as a means for development.
  • ▸To promote and inculcate the value of leadership ,education, sportsmanship, discipline, team work etc.
  • ▸To develop the sporting skills among school students as a means of social assets.
  • ▸To retain students interest towards school education.
  • ▸To provide access to non scholastic education for holistic development.

About the School

Value Based Education

My vision is a subject which covers topics related to values truthfulness, inspirational & motivational ‐ moral stories of great personalities, these sessions help the child to embark on the journey of life with Strength and Confidence, Honesty ,Kindness, Friendship, Understanding, Respect, for all and responsibility for our actions.

Topics are planned to cover a wide variety of learning ‐ The My Vision curriculum is based on age specific learning outcomes. Sensitive and appreciative teachers create a caring secure space for little ones.

A space where multiple senses are sparked, investigations triggered into themes and topics, questions and discoveries, welcomed with delight . Together, children and teachers reflect on the meaning of each activity and explore it thoroughly; in doing so, every child makes the experience authentic and the learning personal.

Teachers attempt to understand the social and cultural contexts to which children belong, which gives clues to their emotional, cognitive and social needs. This helps teachers create a truly unique multicultural learning environment. The My Vision Program promotes and active participation between the student and the teacher.

Teachers are regularly counseled to deal with different situations that may arise at any point of time. Guest lectures, Experts, etc. are frequently brought in to provide diversity and in depth understanding of concepts. The infrastructure is apt with classroom teaching aids, libraries, multi- media lab, smart I digital learning, mental activity lab, play ground, etc.

"Value education is given a special thrust."

Seminar Presentation, Physical fitness Training, and personality development are all part of the curriculum.

" Life is a blessing, Every day is a blessing. Knowledge doesn't
create anything. You must understand this.
Knowledge doesn't create and experience. Knowledge puts you
in touch with an experience. By distinction. And can
knowledge put you in touch with that simplicity that's inside
of you ? The answer is yes".